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The OCSI team have spent years finding, collecting, cleaning, aggregating, analysing and interpreting data for national, regional and local public sector agencies. Our expertise is nationally-recognised, running the Data4nr (“Data for neighbourhoods and regeneration”) service on behalf of the Department of Communities and Local Government, and we have worked with more than 60 local authorities to improve the evidence-base for local services and decisions.

Based on our experiences, the Data and Report Packs provide the data and visualisations you need to support effective and efficient service delivery, and engage local communities in more informed decision-making. To find out how the Data and Report Packs can provide the information you need and help make the most of your resources, see the articles on this blog and download the information pack.

For further information, and to arrange a demonstration, please contact Tom Smith on or 01273 810 270.

About OCSI

OCSI develop and interpret the evidence base to help the public sector and other organisations deliver better services to the public. We are committed to improving social and economic outcomes by providing high quality rigorous research and analysis that meets the needs of our users.

Since launching in 2003, OCSI have worked with more than 100 public and voluntary sector agencies at local, regional and national level to improve policy-making and service delivery. We are a “spin-out” research consultancy from the Oxford University team behind the Index of Multiple Deprivation. See the OCSI website for more.

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