Data Packs update v.2.6 provides the latest content

The Data Packs v2.6 update provides users with the latest data, benchmarks and outputs available for all geographies.
Key updated datasets in v2.6 include:

  •  Recorded crime offences
  • Pupil attainment data
  • Health profile indicators
  • National Insurance Number (NINo.) registrations for overseas nationals.

Regular updates include:

  • Annual Population Survey updates (available down to Local Authority District level – data has also been re-weighted for all quarters back to 2009)
  • Housing Benefit, and Council Tax Benefit (updated to the most recently available data)
  • DWP Benefit claimants
  • Claimant count and Job Centre Vacancies.

All Data Packs users are provided with an Excel workbook detailing the new and revised indicators. See the sections below for a summary of the update.

Key updated datasets
Recorded crime offences: Police recorded crime rates for the 2011/12 period have been added to Data Packs. Police
statistics provide a good measure of trends in well-reported crimes, are an important indicator of police workload, and can be used for local crime pattern analysis.

Data is available down to Local Authority level for the following key crime types: Overall crime; Violence against the person; Sexual Offences; Burglary; Robbery; Vehicle Crime.

Pupil attainment data:Key pupil attainment datasets have been updated for the school year 2010/11. These indicators include pupil attainment for pupils by location of pupil residence at Key Stages 1, 2 and 4 down to neighbourhood level. The pupil attainment data also includes breakdowns for key equalities groups: gender, ethnicity and Free School Meal (FSM) eligibility.

Data on the following examinations are included: Early Years Foundation Profile, Key Stage 1; Key Stage 2; GCSE. Data is available to LSOA, MSOA or Local Authority level (depending on the dataset).

Health profile indicators: The 2012 Local Health Profiles have been produced by the Association of Public Health Observatories of England. The Health profiles contain a range of underlying health data grouped into eight domains: Our communities, Children’s and young people’s health, Adult’s health and lifestyle, Disease and poor health, Life expectancy and causes of death, Changes over time, Emergency hospital admissions by ethnic group, Deprivation.

Under each of these domains are a range of health indicators published down to Local Authority level. We have included the following indicators indicators:

  • Hospital admissions for self-harm
  • Breastfeeding prevalence
  • Diabetes prevalence
  • Drug misuse
  • Hip fractures
  • Adults participating in physical activity
  • Smoking in pregnancy
  • Smoking prevalence
  • Excess winter deaths
  • New cases of Tuberculosis.

National Insurance Number (NINo.) registrations for overseas nationals: National Insurance number registrations for overseas nationals are a measure of the number of people moving to the UK from overseas to work in a local area. This can be used as an estimate of the level of international migration in the local area. Data is presented by world area of origin of people receiving NINo.s. We have previously provided the data in cumulative form but data is now provided annually and updated for financial year 2011/12.
OCSI Data Packs Team

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