Data Packs update v2.5 provides the latest content


The Data Packs v2.5 update provides users with the latest data, benchmarks and outputs available for all geographies.

Key new datasets in v2.5 include:

  • Child health indicators
  • Teenage conceptions and births.

Key updated datasets in v2.5 include:

  • Counts of VAT enterprises and local business units
  • Pupil attainment data
  • Jobs density.

Regular updates include:

  • Annual Population Survey updates (available down to Local Authority District level)
  • Housing Benefit, and Council Tax Benefit (updated to the most recently available data)
  • Housing market updates – House prices and transactions
  • Claimant count and Job Centre Vacancies.

Major new datasets

Child health indicators A range of key indicators relating to children’s health outcomes have been added to the packs. These indicators were collected as key performance measures in the Child and Maternal Health Observatory (ChiMat). The indicators cover a number of themes including hospital admissions, healthy lifestyles, immunisation, mortality and wider determinants of health.

Teenage conceptions and births  The Data Packs previously contained a summary teenage conception dataset showing teenage conceptions over a three year period as a rate per 1,000 households. However, more detailed teenage conception data has been made available by the ONS. This dataset is an improvement on the previous data in a number of ways. 1) The data is updated annually rather than as a rolling three year average 2) the data includes counts of the number of conceptions as well as rates, 3) the data includes information on abortions and the number and proportion of live births to teenage mothers.

Key updated datasets

Business datasets  A range of data relating to business activity have been added including the number of enterprise ‘births’ and ‘deaths’ and total stock of VAT registered enterprises. Births are the number of new enterprises created in the reference year; deaths are enterprises that have ceased trading in the reference year. In both cases, enterprises that are removed or added to the population as a result of mergers, break-ups, split-ups or other restructuring are not included. Data has been updated for 2010 and 2011. Data showing the count of local business units by Broad Industry group, and by Employment Size band has also been updated for 2011.

Pupil attainment data  Key pupil attainment datasets have been updated for the school year 2010/11. These indicators include headline pass rates for pupils by location of pupil residence at Key Stages 1, 2 and 4.

Jobs Density Data on the number of employee jobs located in the local area and a measure of ‘Jobs Density’ – jobs per working age population has been updated for 2010. The total number of jobs is a workplace-based measure and comprises employee jobs, self-employed, government-supported trainees and HM Forces. Data is available down to Local Authority District level levels.

 The full lists of new and updated datasets are in the User area (login required), including details of all indicators in the Data Packs.

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