JSNA Data Pack provides the latest data and visualisations

With Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) taking on an enhanced role in the future, and the new public health duties for local authorities, it is more important than ever to ensure that the JSNA is supported by robust and up-to-date data. Based on the LGA JSNA Data Inventory and the Department of Health Public Health Framework, the OCSI JSNA Data Pack includes:

  • All available indicators from national data sources, at the most detailed geography available, for all time-points
  • Absolutely any higher level comparison areas including travel-to-work areas, statistical neighbours, children services family groups, core cities, rural settlements and rural-50 and rural-80 districts, ONS comparison groups, Output Area Classification categories, most similar Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, CIPFA comparators and many, many more
  • Indicators organised into themes suggested in the LGA JSNA Data Inventory: population; social place & wellbeing; lifestyles & health improvement; health and wellbeing status and service utilisation. See overleaf for details of the indicators by theme

For more information about the JSNA Data Pack, download an OCSI JSNA Data Pack Overview, or contact us for a demonstration of how it can help you provide the data and visualisations your communities and partners need.

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