Data Packs update v2.4 provides the latest content


The Data Packs version 2.4 update provides users with the latest data, benchmarks and outputs available for all geographies.

Major new datasets in this version include:

  • Pupil attainment by location of educational institution,
  • Employment by occupation group.

Major updated datasets include:

  • Mortality rates from key conditions,
  • Local Alcohol Profile,
  • Earnings by place of work and residence,
  • Outcomes and performance measures for children in care and at risk children,
  • Fuel Poverty rate.

The full lists of new and updated datasets are in the User area (login required), including details of all indicators in the Data Packs.

Major new datasets

Pupil attainment by location of education institution The Department for Education have published information about the GCSE and equivalent  results for pupils at the end of Key Stage 4 (KS4) in maintained schools in England. The results are for the 2010/11 academic year. Unlike previous pupil attainment results, contained within the Data Packs, this data shows results based on location of where pupils went to school rather than their local residence. For the first time, the GCSE data also includes information on pupils taking the English Baccalaureate and on pupils making expected progress in English and Maths. Data is provided in Data Packs down to Local Authority level.

Employee jobs data The ONS have released new labour market data covering the total number of jobs in a local area with breakdowns by main industry of employment. The data can be used to assess the employment opportunities in the local area. Data is also available with breakdowns by public/private sector employment, which can be used to identify areas with high levels of public sector dependency.

Employment by occupation group Occupation group refers to the socio-economic classification of the jobs that people do (managers, professionals etc.). Previously the Data Packs has only included this variable from the Census 2001. However, in order to bring this up to date, the packs now include quarterly updates from the Annual Population Survey, with timepoints covered from 2004-2011. Data is available in Data Packs down to Local Authority level.

Major updated datasets

Mortality for key health conditions The NHS IC have developed a new indicator portal ( bringing together key health data from a range of sources. A number of updates to key mortality datasets have been published on this portal. Data is available down to Local Authority level and is age standardised.

  • All age all cause mortality (updated for 2010)
  • Cancer mortality (updated for 2008-2010)
  • Circulatory disease mortality (updated for 2008-2010)
  • Suicide mortality (updated for 2008-2010)
  • Mortality from bronchitis and emphysema (updated for 2010)
  • Mortality from diabetes (updated for 2010)
  • Infant mortality (updated for 2008-2010)
  • Mortality from causes amenable to healthcare (2010)

Local Alcohol Profile The North West Public Health Observatory (NWPHO) has provided a range of updates to their Local Alcohol Profile for England (LAPE). The LAPE contains 25 alcohol related indicators, examining consumption levels and associated health and social issues (including alcohol related crime) for every Local Authority (LA) in England.

Earnings by place of work and residence New 2011 provisional results from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) were added to Nomis on 02 Dec 2011. We have included these in the Data Packs update. ASHE estimates for 2010 have been revised at the same time. The survey provides estimates of weekly earnings and hours worked for Local Authorities in England.

Labour market updates Monthly Jobseekers Allowance claimant rates have been updated for January 2012 at LSOA level. Also included in the update are ratios of unemployed claimant to available jobs as notified to Job Centre Plus.

Fuel Poverty rate The proportion of households living in fuel poverty has been updated for 2009 at LSOA level. This information is published by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

The Annual Population Survey (APS) The APS has been updated for July 2010 – June 2011 to Local Authority level. The APS is a key source of employment and skills data providing estimates of levels of economic activity for key equalities groups including age, gender, and disability.

 The full lists of new and updated datasets are in the User area (login required), including details of all indicators in the Data Packs.

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