Data Packs update v2.3 provides the latest content


The Data Packs version 2.3 update provides users with the latest data, benchmarks and outputs available for all geographies.

Major new datasets in this version include:

  • Number of VAT and/or PAYE based enterprises by turnover size;
  • Births by ethnicity of baby;
  • Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010 underlying indicators.

Major updated datasets include:

  • Mortality rates from key conditions;
  • Life expectancy;
  • Recorded crime;
  • Affordable housing supply;
  • Annual Population Survey updates (available down to Local Authority District level);
  • Key benefits including Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment Support Allowance (and Incapacity Benefit), Attendance Allowance, Carer’s Allowance, Housing Benefit, and Council Tax Benefit (updated to the most recently available date);
  • Council tax benefit and housing benefit updates;
  • Housing market updates – House prices and transactions.

Major publisher revisions to existing datasets include:

  • Housing by type (denominator revision to include all household spaces – including those that are not occupied);
  • Pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) by their primary type of need (numerator revision for 2010 to include secondary school pupils and denominator revision to include only pupils with Special Educational Needs).

The full lists of new and updated datasets are in the User area (login required), including details of all indicators in the Data Packs.

Major new datasets

Enterprises by turnover size: The ONS have published new data on the number of VAT and/or PAYE based enterprises by turnover size. These are taken from a snapshot of the Inter Departmental Business Register (IDBR) taken on 28 March 2011. Turnover provided to the ONS for the majority of traders is based on VAT returns for a 12 month period. Data is provided in Data Packs down to Local Authority level.

Employee jobs data: The ONS have released new labour market data covering the total number of jobs in a local area with breakdowns by main industry of employment. The data can be used to assess the employment opportunities in the local area. Data is also available with breakdowns by public/private sector employment, which can be used to identify areas with high levels of public sector dependency.

Births by ethnicity: The ONS have published records of live births by ethnicity of baby. The ethnicity of the baby is defined by the mother; in a number of cases the ethnicity was not recorded. The figures are taken for births over a four year period between 2005 and 2008. Data is available in Data Packs down to Local Authority level.

Index of Multiple Deprivation underlying indicators: The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has released some of the underlying indicators that were used to construct the English Indices of Deprivation 2010. Most indicators relate to a 2008 time point. The indicators are released at Lower layer Super Output Area (LSOA) level.  Crime data cannot be made publicly available and so this domain is not presented in the Data Packs.

Major updated datasets

Mortality for key health conditions: The NHS Information Centre (NHS-IC) have developed a new indicator portal ( bringing together key health data from a range of sources. A number of updates to key mortality datasets have been published on this portal. Data is available down to Local Authority level and is age standardised and includes:

  • Cancer mortality (updated for 2008-2010­);
  • Circulatory disease mortality (updated for 2008-2010­);
  • Suicide mortality (updated for 2007-2009­);
  • Mortality from bronchitis and emphysema (updated for 2009);
  • Mortality from diabetes (updated for 2009);
  • Life expectancy: male, female at birth and aged 65+ (updated for 2008-2010­).

Affordable housing supply: A range of housing market data has been updated in the Data Packs. Mean, median, and lower quartile house price data has been provided for the second quarter of 2011. The number of property transactions over this period has also been provided. Information on the number of dwelling broken down by council tax band has also been updated in the system for 2010 and 2011. This provides information on number of properties within each price bracket for all of the dwelling stock in the area. DCLG has also provided updates relating to the availability of affordable housing, with figures on the numbers of additional affordable housing (both social rented and shared ownership) for 2010/11.

Recorded crime: Police recorded crime rates for the 2010/11 period have been added to Data Packs. Police statistics provide a good measure of trends in well-reported crimes, are an important indicator of police workload, and can be used for local crime pattern analysis. Data is available down to Local Authority level for the following key crime types: Wounding; Criminal Damage; Harassment; Theft from a person; Burglary of a non domestic dwelling; Common Assault.

DWP Benefit updates – May 2011: Data for a range of key DWP benefit datasets has been updated for February to LSOA level. These datasets capture measures of worklessness, low income and poor health and disability. The following indicators are included: Income Support; Carer’s Allowance claimants; Incapacity Benefit/Severe Disablement Allowance; Jobseeker’s Allowance; Attendance Allowance; Disability Living Allowance; Pension Credit; State Pension; Widows Benefit; Employment Support Allowance.

Annual Population Survey updates: The Annual Population Survey (APS) has been updated for April 2010 – March 2011 to Local Authority level. The APS is a key source of employment and skills data providing estimates of levels of economic activity for key equalities groups including age, gender, and disability.

The full lists of new and updated datasets are in the User area (login required), including details of all indicators in the Data Packs.

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